Major Overhaul of this blog

This blog has gone through a much delayed upgrade to WordPress 2.22 from 2.21 not a big deal, except that now there are widgets, which are a really neat way to arrange items in the sidebars on the right and left of the main content.

Another major change is the removal of adsense. This might have had something to do with Darren Rowse at removing them from his blog. I have however included a single Amazon referral link on the top right corner and hope that it generates some revenue.

Something else that has changed is I have stopped daily blog posts from submitting the links that I bookmark everyday to this blog. Instead, I created a separate blog here. The primary reason for having them here is so I could keep a ‘backup’ in the even that was unavailable.

The theme being used right now is one from Semiologic. Their themes are really great and allow a lot of customizations.

I would be interested in your thoughts about the changes and what you feel would help me improve this blog’s image.