Flickr down… this sucks

Temporary Storage Glitch

We’ve had a temporary storage failure affecting a sizable chunk of old Flickr photos and are moving about 20 terabytes of photos across a few thousand miles (between two of our data centers) to ensure consistency and smoothness. ALL PHOTOS AND DATA ARE SAFE AND NOTHING HAS BEEN LOST. The site will come back up as soon as possible.In a few minutes we’ll make a decision about whether to bring the site back online right away, or wait until all the photos are sure to show up. (If we bring it up right away, there will be lots of “This photo is currently unavailable” images, but everything will function properly.)UPDATE [4:59pm, pacific time (GMT-8)]: Weather report – everything is still cool. We’re going to try to bring the site back online shortly (there will still be photos which appear as unavailable, and they will gradually fill in – no need to do anything on your part, dear user).

Posted by Stewart Butterfield

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